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Want to support us and help us carry out our projects? We need your help to reach those in need, in Belgium and abroad!

Make a donation to the “Les Amis de Bibliothèques Sans Frontières account at the King Baudouin Foundation. Your donation will be automatically transferred to us, and you’ll even benefit from a tax deduction!

Supporting us means working alongside us to …

Strengthening our actions in the field

In Belgium, we devote our efforts to education, a crucial lever for the emancipation of the most vulnerable populations. We aim to reduce social inequalities through the creation and transmission of innovative pedagogical tools and content, as well as through the empowerment of actors in the field through training and support we have developed.

Supporting our projects in Belgium and abroad

From young Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to the people living on the rivers of French Guiana, from street children in Burundi to teenagers in Marseille's northern suburbs, from villagers in Colombia to laundromat users in the USA, our association has helped change the lives of over 6 million people.